LABOR IS LOVE. Labor, Law & Mobility in the 21st century


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Datum & tid: fredag, 28 april 14:00 - 22:00

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This is an inter-disciplinary seminar, aimed at bringing people from different work-fields together; in order to envision a transcendent future where labor is to love what you do, and to love is labor, no matter where you are in the planet earth.

Labor in the 21st century

Is it possible to think that the concept of labor in the future may be purely self-driven, pleasurable and artistic contribution at such service of a society?

Can it be more emancipated from the hegemony of external powers; such as a widespread economic system, state apparatus, profit-based corporations, state-run agencies, or any other factor than: the very well-being of the workers, their inter-relations, the society in which they cohabit, and the ecology itself?

We want to articulate with you about how we can
bring about:

  • value beyond commodities,
  • benefit beyond profits,
  • contribution beyond borders

in the rest of the 21st century.

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