Premiere – Caroline Byström: Haligh/A Lie


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Date & Time: 13/11/2015 21:00 - 22:00

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Note! The evening November 13 is shared with Weld Company´s presentation of the company’s joint work with choreographer Rebecca Chentinell at 7pm. Ordinary ticket fee: 60 kr. The whole evening: 120 kr.

The choreographer and dancer Caroline Byström presents her work Haligh/A Lie created together with the dancers Elise Brewer, Nina Djeki?, the sound artist Shida Shahabi and the lightdesigner Heiða Kristín Ragnarsdóttir .

In Haligh/A Lie Caroline Byström starts from the ordinary, the voice. In 70’s horror movies obsession is portrayed as something that speaks through the young woman’s body. In Cabaret Liza Minelli masks the sound of the train passing and simultaneously exteriorizes herself with a scream. The voice is para-bodily, exceeds the body and is ‘cored’ in its interiority. The project’s starting point is to examine what and who the dancing body have listened to and listens to. It is, amongst others, a research into an ancient body system and inspired by related practices.

Viewed as a script that enters the body and affects its physiological, psychological and spiritual form the practice works as a structure that generates scripts populated by suggestions on dancing bodies movements, owls, collective memories. On the basis that this dance we dance for you is already here.

Concept & choreography: Caroline Byström
Dance: Nina Djeki?, Elise Brewer, Caroline Byström
Sound design/Music: Shida Shahabi
Light design: Heiða Kristín Ragnarsdóttir

Haligh/A Lie is created in residency at Weld and MARC (Milvius Artistic Research Center) autumn 2015 together with the dancers Elise Brewer, Nina Djeki?, the sound artist Shida Shahabi and the lightdesigner Heiða Kristín Ragnarsdóttir

Thanks to Rachel Tess and Tina Eriksson Fredriksson.

Supported by: Kulturrådet, Konstnärsnämnden and Helge Ax:son Johnsons Stiftelse. Weld and in Stockholm, MARC (Milvius Artistic Research Center) and Skövde konsthall & konstmuseum.

The choreographer and dancer Caroline Byström is based in Stockholm since 2012. She is educated in dance and choreography i Copenhagen, Salzburg (SEAD), Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft in Giessen and at DOCH in Stockholm. Rather than developing a coherent artistry she works on developing and exploring a new approach in each project which takes its expression in various forms. She has a special liking for the application and investigation of acoustic concepts that works as a bridge between different works. Her workings take on their expression in indeterminable certainties as art objects. In the two-part work R e, o r i (e) n (t), a t i o n she researched the staging of inbetweenship and tools for displacement, where a chain of life-friction-sound suggested a tone of production of what she calls “stagers” or generators of atmospheres in choreography.

In addition to working with her own choreographies, Caroline also works as a performer and dancer together with others whose work and methods crosses , runs parallel or act as resonance boxes for the own practises. Autumn 2014 and 2015, Caroline Byström also works as a dancer in Weld Company in wich she has performed in choreographies by Julian Weber and Rebecka Stillman among others.

is born and raised in the north of Sweden. In june 2015 she graduated from the Bachelor Program in Dance Performance, University of Dance and Circus (DOCH). During her education she performed in pieces by Shintaro Oue, Rebecca Hilton, Ian Kaler, Caroline Byström, Rosalind Crisp and Jefta Van Dinther. Elise is based in Stockholm and currently working together with the Swedish choreographer Caroline Byström and the Italian choreographer Mirko Guido.

is born in Ljubljana / Slovenia and graduated with a bachelor in choreography from School for New Dance Development (AHK) in 2013 and is currently a MFA student at Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. Her work lies in the grey areas between dance and visual arts context, currently focusing on bodily presences and choreographies in spaces of exhibition.

is a sound artist and musician living in Stockholm. She works with sound and music in different contexts and forms, both solo and in collaboration with other artists and musicians. Besides from collaborating with Caroline at the moment, shida’s currently playing in various bands and is a part of the duo Toncirkeln: who produce workshops where they build electronic instruments and play music together with young people all over the country.