Talking & Props. Opening Night


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Date & Time: 26/02/2020 18:00 - 22:00

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Talking & Props, Fourth Edition, is a festival of performance works dealing with language in relation to specific movement practices – as material and sound, or as a song or a spoken narrative. As an in-depth study of the vocal technique growling, a polyphony of voices exploring voice beyond speech, a chaos poetic dream song and a slowly evolving subtle conversation amongst a ring of listeners.

Contributors: The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra (Kajsa Wadhia and Maria Stiernborg), Moa Franzén, Tove Salmgren and Kajsa Wadhia, Vida Midgelow and Jane Bacon (UK), Olivia Riviere and Lisen Pousette along a program in the foyer, curated by Anna Westberg.

See full festival schedule here!

Talking & Props is a companion to the movement based practice initiated by Weld Company since 2013, inviting choreographers to create work with the theme ”No Talking, No Props”.

Schedule Wednesday February 26

6pm – 7 pm
Spells & Compost
Performance by & with The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra/Kajsa Wadhia and Maria Stiernborg

7 pm – 8.30 pm
Talking & Propssoup in the foyer, with a programme by Anna Westberg

8.30 pm- 9 pm
From a throat of flesh
Performance initiated by Moa Franzén, created and performed by Moa Franzén, Tove Salmgren and Kajsa Wadhia

Performance: The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra. Kajsa Wadhia och Maria Stiernborg
Uppsala Konstmuseum Hörsalen. Thursday November 28  2019 Photo: Pär Fredin

Spells & Compost
The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra/Kajsa Wadhia and Maria Stiernborg

With the work Spells & Compostthe duo begins a new research, dreaming new dreams together, a project that looks into spells, speculative futurism and material eco criticism. Using the garbage room as prop storage, The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra experiment with homemade lo-fi instruments, live mixed video and their own untrained voices in a chaos poetic performance together with the multifauna that inhabit and share our lives and bodies.  Kajsa Wadhia and Maria Stiernborg are the people behind the performance duo The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra.

Thank you Moa Franzén and Anna Kinbom for dramaturgic conversations
Thank you Köttinspektionen Dans, Fylkingen and Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan for studio space and Stadsmissionen for donating material.

With support from The Swedish Arts Council

Spells & Compost premiered at Uppsala Konstmuseum November 2019

Talking & Props foyer programme:

coating the ridges of her gums v.3 / Alice MacKenzie

New work / Cara Tolmie

Benförteckning / Jesper Norda

Intoning II  / Vilhelm Bromander

Eyeballs fall / Anna Westberg

Woodcut: Magnus Dahl

From a throat of flesh 
/ Moa Franzén

From a throat of flesh is a polyphony of voices exploring the voice beyond speech. We move through voiced expressions that, socially and historically, have been subject to acts of disciplining and ”civilizing”, taken as pretext to categorize people as barbaric, brute and hysterical. Our voices are our sounding flesh. A choir, but not for singing; voices, not speaking. We will howl, hum, bark and croon through the ideological landscape that speech and language has tied the voice to.

Concept and initiative: Moa Franzén
Performed and created together with: Kajsa Wadhia and Tove Salmgren
Woodcut: Magnus Dahl

With support from The Swedish Arts Grants Comittee and Stockholms stad
Co-production: Köttinspektionen Dans

Premiered at Köttinspektionen Dans, Uppsala 2018

Weld is supported by Stockholms stad, the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm