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Date & Time: 02/03/2016 19:00 - 22:00

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Three White Soldiers 2: Rock This World is an archive of stories, collected by Anders Paulin and Johan Forsman through a series of pilgrimages following the material as well as virtual landscape of contemporary economy.

The first part of Three White Soldiers started at Wall Street and in the server co-locations hosting todays robotized traders; computers trading at the stock markets in velocities challenging our concepts of time and space. From here Anders and Johan departed on a journey studying the relations between material and immaterial values, various ”time-spaces” operating beyond the human perception, and the use of patterns and images to visualize worlds and events impenetrable to the human horizon.

In the second part Rock This World the focus shifts, from the surreal speeds of high frequency trading to the gravity and geological time perspectives of mines, graves and caves. The work begins to challenge the borders between fiction and facts and the process starts to intervene in their personal life. Simultaneously, notions of contemporary economy return in new shapes and forms as they travel up through Lapland, only to suddenly find themselves barefoot amongst ancient temples in Egypt

Three White Soldiers is neither a critique nor capitulation towards the networking super speed of contemporary economy, rather an attempt to travel along its patterns and linguistic figures: A journey accompanied by the fetishes of the financial market, cowboys, astronauts, bitcoin miners, mushroom heads, ancient gods and dancing Santa Claus.

The performance opens with a summary of the first part of Three White Soldiers that was presented at Weld 26 February – 1 March 2015.

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Johan Forsman (SE)
is the artistic director of Gothenburg based platform Skogen. He has been working within the field of performative arts during the last 15 years. His past work has mostly dealt with investigatory measures of the relations that performative arts reproduce, aswell as using his field of arts as a platform for creating and sharing knowledge and experiences.

Anders Paulin (SE)
has directed roughly thirty performances since the nineties at theatre houses such as Nationaltheatret in Oslo, Backateatern in Gothenburg, Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg and Det Konglige Teater in Copenhagen. During the last few years, a recurring theme has been non-mimetic working models within the theatre field, focusing on story and the performer as an interface investigating the theatre potential as a platform for exchanging experiences rather than representation. He is currently working with the research project The Twin Figure of Mimesis at The Danish School of Performing Arts.