Unmarked Evolutions / Sanna Söderholm (SE)


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Date & Time: 02/06/2018 19:00 - 20:00

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She belonged to the odd categories, invisible to herself, called the unmarked who is always dependent on the inequality of power to survive.
/ Donna Haraway

Sanna Söderholm is an experienced dancer who has insisted to stay in her profession by developing further as a dancer and choreographer. Now she celebrates 30 years in the field and will now share a work that she has been engaged with for some time.

In her work, Sanna has repeatedly returned to the body in relation to objects as well as masking as a way to dissolve boundaries. She is now continuing to explore the expulsion and slipping of preconceived boundaries between humans and animals, nature and culture as well as the synthetic and natural.

The solo Unmarked Evolution, a collaboration with the artists Vlad Brateanu and Thomas Zamolo, regenerates nature, analyzes and presents conditions for plasticity, an existence in which body, nature, living being and materialities interweave and equate. The title is borrowed from feminist science theory, aimed at an unmarked future freed from dominance. Unmarked Evolution includes the body in environments, which turn into organisms, new versions of themselves or fantasy creatures. Everything in relation to its surroundings.

How much or little change is required before a border is violated? How long does one have to study something before it changes its form and meaning. What combinations and details will be necessary for a contour as a boundary or recognition?

Sanna Söderholm is letting knowing and open questions be part of the performance. To speculate and think together, practitioners and audiences.

Concept & Choreography: Sanna Söderholm
Performed by: Sanna Söderholm
Room & Light: Sanna Söderholm in collaboration with Vlad Brateanu and Thomas Zamolo
Sound mix & graphics: Vlad Brateanu
With the support of: Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholm stad and Weld