Water @ Weld. Installation: Hydra + Rain Room


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Date & Time: 19/06/2021 13:00 - 17:00

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Max 4 visitors per time slot

Hydra The installation
Pontus Pettersson and Salad Hilowle

is a scenic and performative proposal on documentation, film, memory and gaze, a collaboration between Pontus Pettersson and Salad Hilowle, both with one leg in the visual arts and the other one in dance as well as film. The installation serves as a halfway situation where the work is made to manifest the project’s current state.

Rain Room 
Hara Alonso

Rain Room is a sound installation by the pianist and composer Hara Alonso where the participants get an immersive physical experience through sound. Understanding sound as a vibration that moves through space and transforms it, sometimes subtle, sometimes violent, this installation attempts to cleave the body and dissolve it. Taking the rain sound as germinal material, Hara Alonso has explored ways of reproducing natural phenomena into a digital one. As a sort of virtual augmentation, the rain expands its limits, dancing against gravity, inside the bodies of the installation.

Photo: Pontus Pettersson

Water @ Weld is co-produced by Weld and MARC with support by the Swedish Arts Council

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