Anna Pehrsson: No longer, not yet


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Standard 120,00kr
Student 100,00kr

Date & Time: 03/11/2018 19:00 - 20:00

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The last piece in Trilogy for Singular Bodies (Cut in/ fold out 2016, In [Brackets] 2017, No longer, not yet 2018), uses the figure of the ‘alien’ in order to free and renegotiate the bodily structure of the female subject.

Through the mantra ‘As if already gone’, dancers Agnieszka Dlugosewska and Anna Pehrsson propose an interdependent connectivity moving in-between past and future, space and place, human and nonhuman. Refusing to ‘rest in peace’, they float in-between and outside themselves, neither here, nor there, creating symbiotic hybrids.

Concept, choreography and dance: Anna Pehrsson
with and by: Agnieszka Dlugosewska and Anna Pehrsson
Lightdesign and photography: Thomas Zamolo
Sounddesign and composition: Franz Cedrins
Artistic advisor and dramaturge: Siegmar Zacharias

Created by support from: The Swedish Culture Council, Stockholm City Culture Council, CCAP/C.OFF, DOCH, and Dansens hus.