manifesto art + thematic walk #11 Manuel Pelmuş (RO / NO)


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Date & Time: 17/08/2022 18:00 - 19:00

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On August 17 the eleventh ritual walk will take place from Weld to Norra Bantorget. This time it is the choreographer and artist Manuel Pelmuş who created the manifesto that we carry with us. Theme for our conversation on the walk is given on site.

Free admission

The walk start from Weld, Norrtullsgatan 7 at 18.00 and will last about 1 hour. Everyone is welcome to participate. The themes for each walk are given before the event starts.

This year is an election year in Sweden. On the occasion of this, we want to create and share a series of artistic manifestos that are based on individual artistic practices rather than on slogans; manifestos that retain the intimacy, complexity and the questioning that is at the core of all artistic practice.

As a recurring ritual every other Wednesday starting on March 30 and until the election day, we invite you to join us for a communal walk and a conversation where we share an artistic manifesto created by one of 13 artists from different fields. The theme for each walk is given by the artist whose manifesto we carry with us.

The walks will start from Weld on Norrtullsgatan and end at Norra Bantorget where the manifesto will be posted.

In a political climate where the purpose and value of art is habitually questioned and its relevance to society is all too easily ignored, we want to carve out a temporary space and a singular event where art speaks on its own terms and where, for a short time at least, it is the laws of art that matter.

Participating artists::
Hanna Rajs Lara, Igor Grubić, Lisa Grip, Frida Orupabo, Beth Laurin, Malin Arnell,  Balsam Karam, Afrang Nordlöf Malekian, Manuel Pelmuş, Gry Tingskog, Raša Todosijević, Nino Mick.

Manuel Pelmu
ş is a choreographer and artist who lives and works in Oslo and Bucharest. Pelmuş often uses performance in the context of exhibitions, and explores the body’s relationship to memory and the construction of history. His project Permanent Collection is an ongoing live-action intervention, constructed around the idea of ​​a permanent collection, where art historical references, cultural artefacts, contexts, events, texts and gestures are transformed and conveyed with the body as a medium. In 2013, he represented Romania at the Venice Biennale, in a collaborative project with Alexandra Pirici. He is currently a research fellow at the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo.

The walks and the posting of the manifestos will take place every other week from 30/3 until 31/8, as well as on the election day 11/9.

This project is initiated by Weld and is a contribution to Kvadrennalen, a larger movement for art that has been created for all artists and art institutions to come together and take up space until the upcoming election in September 2022.

Weld is supported by Stockholms stad, the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm