Open Talk: What is radical?


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Date & Time: 12/10/2022 18:00 - 20:00

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We would like to update ourselves on the subject of radicalism and hereby invite you to an open discussion under the title “What is radical?” Invited guests are director and artist Nasim Aghili, artist and semiotician Thierry Mortier, choreographer Paloma Madrid, artist Ulrika Gomm and choreographer Frédéric Gies.

Radicalism has followed societal changes in which various movements, both political and artistic, have been associated with the concept.

Although the term often brings to mind polarisation and provocation, we also hear a lot today about ‘radical empathy’, which is based on actively trying to understand and take part in the feelings of others, to accept rather than to judge.

Different generations create their own aesthetics, in which the radical is communicated in widely differing ways. What unites the radical in art is that it can create change, aesthetically or politically, open up for new possibilities and contribute to a fundamental shift, even if this is sometimes beyond the artist’s intention.

What makes an artistic expression radical? How does radicalism and activism connect? When does the radical cross the line into something that is unacceptable? Is the spectacular the enemy of the radical? What different expressions and approaches can be seen as radical today?

During the evening, there will also be two short presentations: Nasim Aghili, Ellen Nyman and Timimie Märak will read an excerpt from the art collective Ful’s “Speech to the Nation”.
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During the evening, parts of Weld’s manifesto project will also be shown. Read more here

Come and discuss radicalism with us!