MA CHOREOGRAPHY 22: Amalia Kasakove – Toast


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Datum & tid: lördag, 14 maj 13:00 - 17:00

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An installation in the gutter between animation and choreography. This installation proposes a site where one could attend to reflections on death and dying in a space that is public and shared.

I have begun approaching materials that I could hold onto, animating things other than myself. The work addresses that which is both achingly present as well as utterly gone.

The research reflects on the ecstatic edges of grief and the way in which grief can expand into dimensions outside of yourself – forming a relationship of alienation as well as intimacy with such proportions.

The work will be presented as an installation where you are welcome to stay as long or as short as you wish. It offers a discrete critique on the attempts that try to resolve grief and in turn suggests a shared space of mourning.


Animation, filming, editing & set design by Amalia Kasakove
Construction by Amalia Kasakove and Ilon Paz
Mentor: Siegmar Zacharias
Filming support: Shauheen Daneshfar
Thank you to: Rebecca Hilton, Jennifer Lacey, Sara Gebran, Alice Chauchat and the countles others that have been near

Amalia Kasakove

Amalia Kasakove (they/she) is a Stockholm/Copenhagen based artist working somewhere in the gutter between animation and choreography. They are a graduate of the Danish National School of Performing Arts and currently in the final sprint of the Master Degree in Choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts. They are a part of the artist duo A Kasakove / A Ourø and a co-founder of Dance Cooperative; an artist-run space and platform for intersectional practices, work and performance organized by 16 artists. They work closely with places such as Warehouse9 and Ställbergs Gruva.

MA Choreography 2022: What can choreography be and do?

This event is part of the showings of the MA Choreography degree projects of 2022 at SKH and WELD 10-22 May.

Please join us at both Weld and SKH Brinellvägen 58 to launch careers, celebrate spring, be together in difficult times and wonder about the future of art.

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