Weld Company + Matthias Sperling (UK)


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Date & Time: 24/11/2019 18:00 - 20:00

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In the fall of 2017, the British choreographer and dancer Matthias Sperling worked in a week-long process with the company based on his concept “looping”, a rhythmic repetition of a single movement while also gradually reshaping it in barely perceptible increments. The result was the suggestive choreography Soft Power Generator 2. Now he is developing this further during a new working period with the company.

Matthias Sperling about the work:

In this research week, Weld Company artists and I will take as our starting point the practices that I am currently working with, which are developments of the choreographic approaches that we first explored together in 2017. These practices stem from the question: If knowledge-generation is a fundamentally embodied process, can we see and experience it happening in a dance performance?

Approaching the generation of embodied knowing in dance as a kind of conjuring, these practices are ways of ‘taking a reading’, as one might take a reading of someone’s palm, some tea leaves, or the stars: a form of seeking knowledge of the unknown, through the doing and observing of moving.

On Sunday November 24th, we will present a sharing and discussion at Weld about our exploration of these practices, ahead of Weld Company’s further self-directed investigations with these practices, which will take place unannounced in selected public spaces in Stockholm over the coming weeks.

Choreography: Matthias Sperling
Dance: Sybrig DokterPer Sacklén, Caroline ByströmAndrea SvenssonAnna Westberg, Kajsa Sandström and Max Wallmeier

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